Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo-Op PR Nightmare

I just have to ask... am I the only one that hears about this and can't help but link the incident side-by-side with the tough talk on global warming recently from the President and Secretary of State?

Taking an hour-long flight at low altitudes to get a nice photo-op with the statue of liberty is nice, but how many gallons of jet fuel were burned by the F16 and Boeing airliner to take a couple pretty pictures?

If the catch-phrase is "Green your Routine," then this hardly qualifies. It's not like it was a pressing use of fuel, not a high-level diplomatic function. It was something that could have been done with Photoshop. As genuine as a real picture? No. But that's the selling point - instead of burning incredible amounts of fuel, we sat at a computer and created a graphic.

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