Friday, November 14, 2008

Technical support

What to do when your Guitar Hero Drums aren't registering hits properly.

Food Miles

Or, Why You Can't Always Believe the Hype.

Sometimes, eating an apple flown to you from across the globe is better for the environment than eating one grown down the street. And you'd make a much bigger impact by not driving to buy local, but by walking or biking to a nearby store, even if it's Raleys and not Whole Foods.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Phrase You'll Hate by January

"Yes We Can"

I predict that Republicans and Democrats alike will be utterly sick of this phrase by January. Last night, I heard it on the ESPN broadcast of a NBA basketball game... "Right now, Denver needs to take a page from Barrack Obama's book and ask themselves 'Can we get a stop? Yes we can!'" (Note... they didn't).

Today, I read it in a story that mentioned a press release from a San Jose Animal Shelter, after the Obamas said they'd adopt a dog from a rescue shelter:

"We are very pleased to hear that President-elect Obama has decided to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter," said Jon Cicirelli, deputy director of the San Jose Animal Care Center. "Our residents can follow his lead and ask themselves if they, too, can make a difference in the life of a homeless animal. We say, 'Yes, you can!' "

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rational Response

Several months ago, I noted that the rational response to daily increases in the gas price is to fill up every day. This is because the goal is to have the cheapest gas possible in your tank, and when prices are going up, that gas is what you can buy today - not tomorrow.

Now prices are plummeting, to a degree I find pretty shocking. But I wanted to let you know - when gas prices are falling, the rational response is to go as long as possible between fill-ups. The goal is to let prices drop as far as possible before filling up again. If gas stations change their prices in the afternoon, fill up in the evening. Try to avoid driving if it will let you stretch the time between fill ups for even a day or two.

You still want the cheapest gas possible in your tank, but with prices falling that is the gas you can buy tomorrow, not today.