Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Ponder...

What does it mean when upon learning that some leading conservative commentators reached the same conclusion I did about Judge Sotomayor's comments (highlighted in another post), my gut reaction was to think "hey, maybe I reached a bad conclusion?"

Normally, finding out that someone else thinks the same thing as you is a sort of confirmation of your views. But there are some people in whom such convergent thinking serves more as an anti-confirmation of my views - a reason to doubt them, not to trust them.

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Ben said...

Personally, I get suspicious when someone states an opinion I agree with, but does so in a strident manner that dismisses any dissent as idiocy. My gut reaction against such arrogance also makes me question my conclusions.

An emotional approach that's not always the best form of reasoning, but that seems to be how I work.

Not that I would EVER come across as arrogant myself or anything! ;)